The Story

On the 21st of September, not so long ago, creatures from outer space invaded our galaxy intent on world domination. Some of them took the form of plants. Seymour purchased one of the plants and brought it back to Mushnik’s Skid Row Florist shop where he worked. He tended the plant lovingly naming it Audrey II after his fellow assistant, Audrey.

Audrey II proves to be a draw in the shop which starts to attract many visitors. The major problem, however, is that Audrey II's food happens to be blood - fresh blood! As the plant starts to grow, so does its appetite and its demands.

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The Characters

Grease - Characters
Seymour Krelborn:
Employed in a run-down East Side Flower Shop in skid row. He is the insecure, naïve, put-upon florist’s clerk – our hero.
The other employee of Mushnik’s Flower Shop, she is honest and attractive, but has very low self-esteem and therefore dresses like trash, attracting all the wrong guys.
Mr. Mushnik
Owner of the flower shop; the boss. He is a failure as a florist. He is a man who seldom smiles and often yells. This almost retirement-aged Jewish store owner has pretty much one thing at his core – self preservation.
Orin Scrivello
Egotistical, rough and insensitive; Audrey’s abusive boyfriend. He’s a sadistic dentist, dressed like a greaser, but thinks like an insurance salesman.
Crystal, Ronnette and Chiffon
Street urchins who function as both participants within the action of the play, and as “doo-wop” chorus girls outside it. They are our primary story-tellers who help move the story along and provide some narrative.
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The Staff

Laurie Barnes
Mary Matheny
Kevin Kulavic
Assistant Director
Steve Rotello
Vocal Director
Ronda Brinkman