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Are you a young person ready to perform on the Muni stage?

Children’s auditions take place annually in March. To prepare, families are encouraged to attend the annual February workshop,
where you will hear from each of the show directors as they discuss their vision for the show and what they are looking for in those auditioning.
Muni staff are also on hand to answer questions and provide tips for a successful audition. Sign up for the Muni Mailing List and receive Sightlines, our annual newsletter, which explains audition steps and lists parts available in each show.

The Muni Auditions Workshop

FEBRUARY 10, 2024

We are excited to release additional details about the 2024 Audition Workshop! This year the Muni auditions workshop, on February 10, will provide you an opportunity to talk with staff from each show and/or attend one (or all) of the OPTIONAL breakout sessions.  Sessions will occur AFTER an initial workshop meeting at 2:30pm. Once the room is at capacity, the breakout session will be closed. Information on volunteer opportunities will also be available at the workshop. 

Attendees of the Muni Auditions Workshop will receive an advance link to sign up for an audition slot.


When are children's auditions?

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March 16, 2024
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

at the Hoogland Center for the Arts

Open to kids between 8-13 years of age

Children's auditions take place in two-hour sessions. During the first hour, Muni staff will teach auditionees a simple song. Auditionees’ parents or guardians are welcome to observe this learning portion of the audition.

The second hour is a closed audition and only the Muni show staff are permitted to be present. During the audition, auditionees will perform the song in front of show staff. Callback invitations are posted by auditionee number in the lobby shortly following each audition session.


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Download Children's
Audition Sheet Music

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Download Children's
Audition Vocal Track

Download Children's
      Accompaniment Track

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