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How is our policy determined?

When weather is threatening, the Muni consults with the National Weather Service to determine whether or not a show should be canceled for the safety of our patrons, volunteers, and our cast and crew members. Please review our weather policy below.

The Muni's rain policy

In the event of inclement weather, the Muni reserves the right to hold the start of a performance for a maximum of one hour. The Muni may interrupt a show for a maximum of 30 minutes before cancellation. If a show has played for a total of one hour, rain checks will not be issued. If a show is cancelled and has not played for a total of one hour or to intermission, retain your ticket stub. Your reserved-seat ticket stub may be exchanged for a seat at a subsequent performance. However, the same seat location is not guaranteed. Patrons holding general admission tickets may retain their ticket stub or obtain rain checks before leaving the theater. A performance has not been cancelled until an announcement has been made from the speaker system.

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