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Harassment Policy

The Muni is committed to maintaining an environment free of harassment, sexual or otherwise and any form of coercion that diminishes the dignity of its employees and volunteers. It recognizes that such an environment facilitates healthy relationships among its employees and volunteers and maintains good working conditions. The Muni does not tolerate harassment.

This policy is intended to create guidelines and procedures for the investigation of harassment complaints and for the subsequent discipline of those persons found guilty of harassment. Nothing in this policy is to be construed as to limit or impair the Muni from taking immediate disciplinary action, or other necessary means, in order to remedy circumstances, which may pose a threat to the health, safety and welfare of any person. 


Harassment will not be tolerated in the Muni environment. The Muni environment includes rehearsals, performances, work days or other work or social events performed at the theater site, board or committee functions or other functions where the person is performing work on the Muni's behalf.

Muni Harassment Policy

To report questions, comments or concerns, please email 

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