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The Muni – Diversity Statement

For over sixty years, the Springfield Muni has performed Broadway Under the Stars as one of the largest community theaters in the Midwest. To get where we are today, some would say it took a village. Others may say we found our people. However you say it, we know we didn’t get here on our own.


Season after season, our family of sponsors, donors, patrons, volunteers, and performers have made it possible to bring the very best of musical theater to our stage on the shores of Lake Springfield. And because we wouldn’t be here without the generosity of our community, we believe the stories we tell and the people who tell them should represent and welcome – both onstage and off – the diversity of the audiences we entertain.


We aspire to respect and include this community by fully, carefully, and intentionally considering and selecting a diverse group of auditionees, performers, staff, creative teams, and volunteers. With this in mind, we are committed to:

  • Showcasing and producing theatrical productions that are accurate in their depictions of the setting and world of the show, while being mindful of language that is hurtful, harmful, and discriminatory.  

  • Recognizing and celebrating all auditionees, performers, staff, creative teams, volunteers, and patrons regardless of race, culture, ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual preference, physical abilities, nationality, beliefs, or socioeconomic background to create art that matches the needs of our community.

  • Encouraging any one to audition for any role, while acknowledging that some roles may require original characterization to be honored to maintain the integrity of the story and/or character. This includes welcoming color-conscious casting that does not alter the story in a significant way and that does not prevent the story from remaining believable and appropriately complex. As always, we believe strongly in putting the right players in place for the story to be told in a creative and authentic manner.

There is a role for everyone either onstage or off at the Springfield Muni. Come experience the magic with us this summer!

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