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June 21-23 | 26-29


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Interested auditionees may appreciate knowing that THE MUSIC MAN script follows the movie very closely.  At auditions we want people to feel relaxed and have fun.  Also, we encourage first time auditionees!!  If you have ANY other questions, do not hesitate to email the staff at  We are anxious to see you in March!

All adults will be expected to do a dance audition. There will not be a dance audition for children.


Harold Hill: (Appears 25-45)
Our story's unsuspecting protagonist. A con man, traveling under the auspices of a salesman, he eventually falls in love with Marian Paroo. Charismatic and charming. 
Vocal Range: Baritone

Charlie Cowell: (Appears 25-55)
A traveling salesmen who is on to Harold Hill's schemes. Tirelessly attempts to prove to everyone the true con man behind Harold Hill.

Mayor Shinn: (Appears 50-60)
A blustery politician who is all too "self-important." Begrudgingly married to Eulalie, he is skeptical of the town rumor mill.

Ewart Dunlop: (Appears 25-60)
A member of the quartet formed by Harold Hill with a tenor voice. Ewart is married to Maude Dunlop.
Vocal Range: F5 to F3

Oliver Hix: (Appears 25-60)
A baritone in the quartet formed by Hill. Oliver is married to Alma Hix.
Vocal Range: F4-B2

Jacey Squires: (Appears 25-60)
The highest tenor in the quartet. Married to Mrs. Squires.
ocal Range: C5-C3

Olin Britt: (Appears 25-60)
A citizen of River City and the bass of the quartet formed by Harold Hill. 
Vocal Range: C4-F2

Marcellus Washburn: (Appears 25-45)
Harold's chummy old friend and former con man, he now lives in River City and is trying to settle down.
Vocal Range: Baritone

Tommy Djilas: (Appears 16-20)
An attractive, young man from the wrong side of town. He is secretly courting Zaneeta.


March 2, 3, 9 • 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

at the Hoogland Center for the Arts

Open to those 13 years of age and up

Adult auditions take place in hour-long sessions. Vocal auditions are separate from dance auditions. Plan to check in at the registration table at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled audition time, allowing time for the vocal warm-ups before the actual audition.

The Muni provides accompanists for all vocal auditions, so please bring sheet music suitable for piano accompaniment.

Some roles require auditionees to participate in a full dance audition which will be conducted in a separate hour-long session.

Marian Paroo: (Appears 20-35)
The stuffy town librarian and music teacher. She is an attractive y
oung lady who eventually falls for Harold Hill. Stuck up. Curious. 
Vocal Range: Soprano

Mrs. Paroo: (Appears 45-55)

Cheerful and always plotting. An Irish widow and mother to Marian and Winthrop.  Thinks that Marion is too picky about her suitors.

Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn: (Appears 45-60)
Mayor Shinn's peacock wife. A serial gossiper and snob, she has trouble keeping her opinions to herself.

Zanetta Shinn: (Appears 14-18)
The Mayor's fresh-faced daughter who is in love with Tommy. Sweet and outgoing. Appears to be daffy at times.

Alma Hix: (Appears 25-65)
A "Pick-a-Little Lady" married to Oliver Hix.

Maud Dunlop: (Appears 25-65)
A "Pick-a-Little Lady" married to Ewart Dunlop.

Ethel Toffelmier: (Appears 25-45)
A comical "Pick-a-Little Lady," and Marcellus Washburn's girlfriend.

Mrs. Squires: (Appears 25-65)
A "Pick-a-Little Lady" married to Jacey Squires.

Amaryllis: (Appears 8-10)
Piano student of Marian who teases Winthrop about his lisp. Has duet with Marion- “Goodnight My Someone."

Winthrop Paroo: (Appears 8-10)
Marian's baby brother, he is very shy because of a noticeable lisp. Embraces Harold Hill and the marching band.  Has solo– “Gary, Indiana.”

Grace Shinn: (Appears 10-12) 
The Mayor's youngest daughter. 

Ensemble: (Various ages and vocal ranges) 


March 16 • 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

at the Hoogland Center for the Arts

Open to kids between 8-13 years of age

Children's auditions take place in two-hour sessions. During the first hour, Muni staff will teach auditionees a simple song. Auditionees’ parents or guardians are welcome to observe this learning portion of the audition.

The second hour is a closed audition and only the Muni show staff are permitted to be present. During the audition, auditionees will perform the song in front of show staff. Callback invitations are posted by auditionee number in the lobby shortly following each audition session.


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