Want to audition but don’t know how?

Adult auditions take place annually in early March. If you want to audition for a part but do not know where to start, then look no further. The audition season begins with a workshop in February. There you’ll hear from each of the show directors as they discuss their vision for the show and what they are looking for in those auditioning. You will also hear tips and instruction from the Muni staff about how to complete a successful audition.


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Interested in auditioning for our

2022 season this spring?  

Please see below from our Board of Trustees:


All Board members, committee members, auditions staff, auditionees, production staff members, and those involved in all production activities (sets, costumes, props, make up, choreography, musicians, etc.) must be fully vaccinated with proof of vaccination in accordance with CDC guidelines.


There are no exceptions.

The Muni Auditions Workshop

For adults to be fully vaccinated by auditions (March 5, 6 and 12, 2022), you will need to have received your second dose of a two-dose series (Pfizer/Moderna) or a single dose of Janssen (J&J) COVID vaccine no later than February 18, 2022.

Children auditioning (March 19, 2022), will need to have received their second dose of Pfizer COVID vaccine no later than March 4, 2022.

FEBRUARY 12, 2022

After being provided with some basic information about the audition process, attendees will hear from the directors of each show about their vision for their production, what they are looking for in cast members and likely rehearsal schedules. Afterwards, attendees will have the opportunity to visit “subject matter expert” volunteers to ask questions about vocal auditions, dance auditions, audition form completion, and general questions about auditions and what being in a Muni show really means. There will also be volunteers to sign up volunteers for the summer! Attendees will find the staff members of all four shows who will be available for questions. Attendees will be able to obtain the designated URL/code in order to go online Saturday after the workshop to select an audition spot before the online registration process is open to the public.


When are adult auditions?

March 5, 6, 12 & 13, 2022
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

at the Hoogland Center for the Arts

Open to those 13 years of age and up

Adult auditions take place in hour-long sessions. Vocal auditions are separate from dance auditions. Plan to check in at the registration table at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled audition time, allowing time for the vocal warm-ups before the actual audition.

The Muni provides accompanists for all vocal auditions, so please bring sheet music suitable for piano accompaniment.

Some roles require auditionees to participate in a full dance audition which will be conducted in a separate hour-long session.

Click here to see this year's dance audition video!

Callback Auditions

Some shows may require callback auditions. Callback auditions will take place on the second Sunday of adult auditions with times to be determined by the show staff. Callbacks are given out at the discretion of the directing team. Those needed for callbacks will be notified the Saturday evening following the end of adult auditions. Specific pieces may or may not be given for preparation at the staff's discretion.