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July 12-14 • 17-20


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We're thrilled to bring Muni audiences a fresh adaptation of this timeless tale. This summer, Cinderella will not only discover the power within herself to shape her destiny, she'll also play a pivotal role in helping the prince find the confidence needed to lead his kingdom towards a more just world. We are committed to assembling a cast that is diverse and inclusive, mirroring the richness of our community. We extend an invitation to performers of all backgrounds to join us on this enchanting journey. If you've got the skills in ballet and/or tumbling, we'd love to add your magic to the stage. Here's to another season of Muni Magic and the transformative power of storytelling!

In this show, race is not pivotal to the plot, and we hope to have a diverse, inclusive cast.

**Dance is required for all auditionees except Sebastian and Marie.


Cinderella: (Appears 18-25)
Ella is a courageous, optimistic, caring and intelligent young woman who is determined to see the good in everyone.
Vocal Range: Soprano

Topher: (Appears 20-25)
Brave and charming but also naïve and lonely, Topher needs to open his eyes to what his devious Lord Chancellor is doing to his kingdom.
Vocal Range: Tenor/Baritone

Sebastian: (Appears 35-50)
Lord Chancellor of the kingdom, Sebastian has kept Topher isolated and ignorant about conditions in the kingdom. He is a selfish and devious man who cares for no one but himself. Vocal Range: Baritone

Madame: (Appears 40-50)
Madame is Ella’s selfish and vain stepmother who values wealth and status above all else.
Vocal Range: Alto

Marie: (Appears 30-60)
Wise, warm and mysterious, Marie is the town’s resident crazy woman, but she is actually a fairy godmother in disguise.
Vocal Range: Soprano

Gabrielle: (Appears 20-26)
Gabrielle is Ella’s stepsister and daughter of Madame. She unenthusiastically goes along with her mother and sister in their abrasive and selfish behavior, but she secretly admires the village reformer and finds herself empathizing with the downtrodden.
Vocal Range: Alto

Charlotte: (Appears 20-30)
Ella’s oldest stepsister and daughter of Madame, Charlotte is loud, selfish, snooty, and vain. She never passes up an opportunity to be the center of attention. 
Vocal Range: Alt

Jean-Michel: (Appears 20-30)
A passionate reformer, Jean-Michel is determined to improve the lot of the peasants, but he lacks authority, and no one takes him seriously.  He also has a secret crush on Gabrielle. 
Range: Tenor/Baritone 

Lord Pinkleton: (Appears 25-40)
He is Sebastian’s right-hand man. 
Vocal Range: Baritone

Fox/Footman: (Dancer or Gymnast)
Initially a puppet who magically turns into a footman.

Raccoon/Coachman: (Dancer or Gymnast)
Initially a puppet who magically turns into a coachman.

Knights, Peasants, Ladies and Gentlemen:
Various/Dance/ Any Gender/Various ages


March 2, 3, 9 • 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

at the Hoogland Center for the Arts

Open to those 13 years of age and up

Adult auditions take place in hour-long sessions. Vocal auditions are separate from dance auditions. Plan to check in at the registration table at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled audition time, allowing time for the vocal warm-ups before the actual audition.

The Muni provides accompanists for all vocal auditions, so please bring sheet music suitable for piano accompaniment.

Some roles require auditionees to participate in a full dance audition which will be conducted in a separate hour-long session.


Rodgers + Hammerstein's Cinderella is the new Broadway adaptation of the classic musical. This contemporary take on the classic tale features Rodgers & Hammerstein's most beloved songs, including “In My Own Little Corner”, “Impossible/It's Possible” and “Ten Minutes Ago,” alongside an up-to-date, hilarious and romantic libretto by Tony Award nominee Douglas Carter Beane.

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